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JPX-6 Jet Defender – Orange only

4-shot speedloader

The Piexon JPX6 Jet Protector

The best of two worlds – the JPX6 combines the outstanding features of the JPX2 with the powerful design and higher load capacity of the JPX4. Its quickly attachable speedloader magazine holds 4 highly effective irritant loads that, can be fired successively. Its open sights, optional integrated aiming device with laser function and other convenient and high-quality extras make the JPX6 highly superior to other defence systems in terms of speed, easy of use and effectiveness.


The 4-shot push-on magazine makes reloading extremely easy and incredible fast.


The ergonomic handle ensures that the JPX can be securely held and safely handled – even when wet.


Instant: the JPX does not have to be shaken before use, does not lose pressure, can shoot very far and is highly reliable in hitting its target.

Every Day Carry (EDC)

Compact and lightweight – The JPX6 can be comfortably carried in full view or concealed.

Pyrotechnic delivery system

The JPX uses a highly effective and patented pyrotechnic delivery system instead of a canister for permanent pressure storage

Suitable for use in any weather

The incredibly high velocity with which the liquid jet is ejected make it resistant to wind and rain.

» no loss of pressure
» ready for immediate use
» extended range
» superior accuracy

» no batteries required
» no cross-contamination
» unaffected by wind



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