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  • Description

    PepperBall  FlashLauncher, A Less-Lethal Solution For Law Enforcement, Private Security, Corrections officers, home defence and personal protection.

    FlashLauncher is designed to provide safe and effective results through painful impact and release of hot pepper powder from PepperBall projectiles. This combination is designed to stun and incapacitate would-be assailants giving authorized personnel tactical advantage, enhanced safety and a measured response.

    FlashLauncher is ideal for use during nighttime traffic stops, perimeter patrols, or area searches where officers, guards, or agents need a less-lethal solution and a powerful light to illuminate an area while keeping their other hand free for use.

    “The combination of a flashlight and PepperBall launcher allows law enforcement, corrections officers, private security guards and bail-enforcement agents to immediately respond to situations that can suddenly require use of force,” he said. “The same core technology used in FlashLauncher is also the choice for thousands of law enforcement agencies, security service providers, and private concerns around the world.”

    FlashLauncher’s  350-lumen flashlight illuminates immediate surroundings such as the inside of corrections cells, dark rooms, perimeters and vehicles. Its focused beam also illuminates person-sized objects at the target-accurate range of 10 meters . This gives users the ability to quickly assess situations and more easily judge if launching is required. The unit also includes a laser sight to make targeting simple and accurate.

    The compact FlashLauncher can be stored in a recharging unit mounted inside a car, or at a facility or home

    Launch  PepperBall projectiles  using a disposable 12g co2 cartridge the FlashLancher fires in a semi-automatic fashion.

    FlashLauncher was designed to compete with other hand held less lethal products including pepper sprays and flashlight products which integrate pepper spray. FlashLauncher offers several advantages over these kinds of products, including:

    Extended range: FlashLauncher projectiles are target-accurate to 30 feet – up to twice the distance of pepper spray/flashlight products. FlashLauncher is effective at full range yet also safe for in-close encounters.
    Superior stopping power: FlashLauncher offers the effects of active agent pepper powder combined with the painful impact of 16 Joule of kinetic energy from each PepperBall projectile.
    Engagement of multiple suspects: Unlike many other less-lethal weapons, which can target only a single suspect, FlashLauncher can launch five high-stopping-power projectiles before the need to reload.
    Wenaas said FlashLauncher was designed to meet the requests of customers for a PepperBall product combining a high-power flashlight in a hand-held configuration.

    “PepperBall has developed a track record as an effective tool in achieving compliance and giving users a defensive tactical advantage.

  •  Combines a flashlight and PepperBall launcher into a single device.
  • Semi-automatic firing system.
  • Bright 350 lumen flashlight.
  • Integrated laser sight for rapid target acquisition.
  • Whats in the Kit:

    1 X Pepperball flashlauncher

    1X 18650 rechargeable battery

    1 x Car charger

    1 x Home charger with adapter plug fittings

    1  x User manual



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